What can I say? Aside from being that “Super Mom”, I actually have a full-time profession during the day. Officially, I’m a Web Architect… that’s techno-show-off-babble for: “web computer programmer that can build some really kool stuff online”.

It still doesn’t give me any advantage as a writer! 🙂 Technology Nowadays

Every now and then I will actually do something pretty kool, or else I’ll come across something pretty kool — which I’ve decided to share online. This will undoubtedly drive millions to my blog site, or … maybe not. Whatever. A little collaboration couldn’t hurt. Besides… I’m always right anyway. So, from here on in, whatever I post in my Technology Nowadays category, you’ll just have to accept as fact, because, well… this is my blogsite. 😉


Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if this helped in any way :)

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