Making & Saving Money

Ask just about any single mom what is among her top priorities, and her answer is “taking care of her children”. A close second to that is “having money to take care of her children“. All too often, however, many single moms can never quite have enough money to feel secure.

What can she do? Go back to school, right? Ummm… ok, if she could only find that babysitter, or caretaker that can be trusted, and who will be the best at seeing to the kids’ homework, and housecleaning, and shopping, and doctor visits, and school participation, and extracurricular activities, and… and… either not charge for her services, or be ridiculously cheap.

Ok, so going back to school may not be an option.

Single moms need to be able to stretch a dollar, AND find an extra dollar, while juggling all of the above-mentioned tasks. The question is, “how can this be done”? It can be done. There are a number of ways ANY mom, single, or married … and any person, for that matter, can manage their personal finances and get the maximum benefit.

As for me, I started by minimizing my expenses. I also sought ways to make extra cash (hint: clickity click right here). I will share with you my experiences and tips in being able to juggle the task of managing personal finances, and making extra money in the “Making & Saving Money” category.


Thanks for stopping by! Let me know if this helped in any way :)

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