Child Support: “To Be, or Not To Be”

Yeah… that IS the question.

I could bore you with all of the NASTY details of going to court, but let’s face it; in the end, if you have to keep chasing someone to ensure your child is taken care of, you’ll end up neglecting yourself in some way, and ultimately not find a means to be independent — both financially, and mentally — and, you cannot put a price on freedom.

In summary, however, my story goes something like this:

  1. I proposed a minimal child support amount — to be settled out of court.
  2. My proposal wasn’t accepted. We went to court. The court granted me a greater amount.
  3. I received consistent payment for about 2 years — deducted directly from paycheck.
  4. Payment stopped. Why? You can’t deduct from a paycheck that doesn’t exist.
  5. Child support is in arrears and keeps piling up; every now and then I MIGHT see $25 or so per month. When the court threatens jail or fine, I might see a lump sum of maybe $300, after several months have passed.
  6. I’ve listened to stories of other moms whose child support arrears are 5x (or more!) as much as mine.

Yes, my son IS entitled to child support, but I can’t raise a champion, if I’m busy chasing a dead end.  So, I’ve moved on. However, I needed to find a way to make extra cash, and I needed to do so relatively quickly — and without taking a night job. I had to think outside of the box… and… I found something!

I’ve found a way to make extra income from WITHIN my home, or practically anywhere I go.  I learned how to mock the economy!  The results:  within just a month I made MORE than the court-ordered child support amount! What’s more, I can make that extra cheddar — and be financially independent, and mentally free.

Court is ALWAYS ugly, and I simply prefer to move on.   However, if you’re a parent who is dealing with the stress of court battles over child support, I would be happy to share my court experiences with you directly to help answer any questions you may have. We can initially connect via email at

I’m raising a champion, so I intend to be one, myself.

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