Coby MID7022 7 inch 4GB Tablet PRODUCT REVIEW

I BOUGHT THIS FOR “THE CHAMP”, age 7, which is just fine — used for math, spelling, Netflix, Angry Birds, Kindle Books, Nook

Coby MID7022

Coby MID7022

Books, and whatever the Android Market offers. I hadit since November, 2011 — testing it myself — and gave it to my son on Christmas. I wouldn’t recommend this for an adult who would use this tablet frequently, as the battery life is terrible (not more than 3-4 hours). It’s heavier than other tablets in its class, and has a “soft” metal casing rather than a hard plastic. After rebate, price reduction, and replacement warranty, still paid UNDER $190 FOR all — and probably even less than that.

You do get what you pay for — out of the box there’s no access to the Android Market, and no real useful apps pre-installed. However, (as a workaround) because you can connect your tablet to a computer using the USB connection, you can copy & install “apk” files that enable you to get access to the Android Market, Netflix, and all those goodies — without “rooting” the device and voiding the manufacturer’s warranty ( But hey, buy the Toys R Us replacement warranty, and you’re good. So, yes, I love the USB port, and HDMI output. If you’re up to installing the necessary files to gain access to the Android Market, you will save a lot of money.

The MAJOR drawback is the battery life. Even with the WiFi turned off the battery doesn’t last long. I may have to root the device to reconfigure the settings to extend the battery life — or consider returning it if my son’s use of the tablet necessitates a better battery life.

As for myself, I bought the Novo 7 Advanced from for $155, and am in heaven. Battery lasts for DAYS! And, it has the “feel” of an IPad (which I have thru my job) which is really great. The Customer Support is GREAT! However, if you need that extended “bumper to bumper” warranty consider paying that extra $100 to $150 and look to the Kindle Fire or Nook compatible — with the pre- installed apps. Those are also great tablets. There’s less flexibility regarding custom tasks, but well worth the money spent if you’re not a technical person.


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