Not A Spectator Sport After All.

Like most moms, I sought out the most inexpensive community basketball program I could find — and that I did! For $35 per sport, or $70 for theBasketball Coaching year, I could get about 2 hours to MYSELF, while the Champ ran up and down a gym, under someone else’s watch.

This was, by far, the CHEAPEST babysitting service ever!

… or so I thought.

This would be his first competitive league the Champ would be in, sort of. When he was 4 he tried out a 6-week, 45-minute a week flag football program. He liked it, but preferred basketball. After turning 5 he was still young to join a team, so I signed him up for another “older toddler” program. This time it was a 5-week, 45-minute a week basketball program. Both times, I was in heaven, as I sat back and watched someone else entertain him, while I cheered on, and relaxed.

Well, now he was about to turn 6, and was ready to run the full court while I cheered him on, and caught up on my reading. I planned on completing my never-ending quest to teach myself spanish.

I was about to pull out my old college textbook when one of the basketball program coordinators asked all parents if “anyone could help out that day”. I don’t know why, but I just couldn’t resist. There were just so many kids, and so few adults that I figured it couldn’t hurt. So, I helped out that day. The next week the kids recognized me, but, unfortunately, so did the basketball coordinator. Again he asked for help. By the third week the coordinator came to me, he awarded me with the highest honor any coach could have: a whistle. Wow. My head swell up! But then he then said the roster for my “team” would be ready for me the following week. (Insert Scooby Doo sound effect here). Believe me when I say that I didn’t know what the “H.E. double hockey sticks” I was doing!

That was about a year ago. All I knew is that my son, the Champ, was very, very proud, and gave me the tightest hug after every game. I then accepted this role as part of the plan to raise a champion.

Thereafter I was asked to join the leadership team there, co-coordinating the Intramural basketball program.


About raisingachampion

Single mom and loving the adventure. I count myself blessed!

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