Homework: A Form Of Birth Control

No one reminded me about homework. On my wedding day, everyone talked about the “pitter-patter of little feet”, the midnight feedings, the diaper changing, and the teething. BUT NO ONE MENTIONED HOMEWORK.

That is almost unforgivable…

Homework Tips:  Parent Signature

Homework to me is… a form of birth control. I STILL have nightmares — bad dreams depicting a life in which I still owe homework assignments in college, and even in high school. Ugghhh!!!! Had I been reminded of it — that I’d be re-living homework through the after hours spent with a child — I would’ve thought twice about having children.

So, it’s a good thing no one reminded me! At times I HATE homework, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my son — and the way the learned knowledge is shaping him into a Champion. There are times it’s been downright challenging, yet we find a way to conquer the difficulties. I’ll share our tricks toward our triumphs in upcoming posts under the “Homework Tips” category.


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