And So It Begins…

Nearly 3 years before starting this blog I was faced with an inescapable truth: I’d become a single mom.  Being raised by a single mom myself, I swore I’d avoid undertaking the task of parenting alone.  After all, girls and boys need their fathers, and their family structure. However, I was now about to go through divorce, and start raising a 4-year old little boy alone.

I did mention I became a single mom 3 years ago, right?  Suffice it to say, I’ve been through the phases following divorce:  denial, anger, depression, healing…

As I sat in church one day — having one of those days of depression — I listened to a story of a woman who’d raised sons on her own.  They’d become doctors and lawyers, and responsible fathers. But how?  In short, this woman felt that God had commissioned her to raise champions — and that, she did.

As I sat listening to that woman’s story, I knew then and there I had to, with God’s help, take the notion of raising a champion, and run with it.   I’ve never been a quitter… I’ve always been one to strive and fight for what I needed, and wanted.  My mother taught me this.

So, here I am, raising a champion.  But doing so is no easy task. I’m raising my son, “the Champ”, without losing myself in the process.  In doing so, I, myself, am becoming a champion. I’ve many interests, which I share with the Champ, and found the overall experience valuable enough to share with you. Thank you for being a part of this life process.

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  1. eugene Williams

    This is beautiful. Keep up the fabulous work. Your son is a champ of all champs. Ali has nothing on THIS CHAMP.

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